MURALS 1 Library Mural - Greenwood MS
Back in 2011 we were contracted to restore the wall murals in the Greenwood MS Public Library. The building was abandoned and all the utilities had been turned off for quite awhile, there were no environmental controls. The murals which were affixed to the exterior walls of the library were executed onto MasoniteĀ® panels. Because of the lack of environmental controls the murals had blistered, flaked, discolored over the years, generally speaking they were in terrible condition. We removed the various panels from the wall of the library prepared them for shipping to our studio in New Orleans, LA. At the studio we consolidated the flaking and blistering by using a reversible adhesive, BEVA, and placing them on a vacuum hot table. We were able to consolidate the murals to a stable condition to enable us to fill the losses, inpaint areas of loss and then varnish them. They were returned to the city of Greenwood where they are now awaiting reinstallation within the old restored library building.
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