MURALS 4 Williamsburg Housing Project, New York

During the depression  the WPA had commissioned numerous artists in New York City to paint murals in the public housing projects in the five boroughs. Over the course of time the murals were somehow forgotten and painted over or covered with new walls. The curator of arts at the housing authority at the time, Michelle London was asked to find these mural some of which were painted by Jackson Pollack, Mark Rothko, Phillip Guston and Ilya Bolotowsky to name a few. She discovered an Ilya Bolotowsky in the basement of a building. The room was originally used as a recreation room by the tenants then sometime in the late 50's was turned into a management office and the mural was painted over with wall paint. Ms London after extensive research found the mural behind desks and file cabinets. She commissioned the studio I was working as a manager at the time Margret Watherston Inc. to remove them from the site and restore them to their former glory.

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